MXClinic is based in Northern California and is focused on helping riders of all levels.

We offer small group training at all of the local Northern California tracks - E Street MX, Argyll, Club Moto, Riverfront, and Hangtown. Check out our Instagram @mxclinic to see where we will be each week.

A couple times each month we rent out a local track and host a Training. We have Clinics for Minis, Vets and our 2 day training camps. Check out our Upcoming dates below.

Coaching + Training Camps


to riders of all levels

Teaching Motocross Technique

UpcominG Clinics


july 18

at E Street MX
9am - 2pm

Save a Spot

Save a Spot

At Clinics we break down the track and work certain sections over and over and later carry what we've worked on into new sections and then put it all together with riding the entire track.

Braking Drills


Feet Position


When to Sit / Stand

Body Position


JUly 16

at E Street MX
9am - 2pm

Types oF Training

Our 1:1 training takes place at Open Practice in small groups of 3-5 riders. During your practice session - Big Bike or Mini Practice, we'll be working during on full laps of practice and sprints. Every 2 laps I'll pull you off to talk about where you can work on things. We will work on technique and different drills during these 2 lap sprints.

Group Coaching is offered multiple times a week at all of the local Northern California tracks.
Offered during open practice hours for $160.
*Track fee not included

1:1 - Small Group Coaching

Check the Upcoming dates

Clinic - Training Camps

Clinics take place a couple times per month and are a larger group for training. The track is rented out for the day just for us and there is anywhere from 12-25 riders in attendance with 2 instructors for  larger groups.
At Clinics we break down sections of the track to work on body position, lines selection, corners, and starts. 
In addition to the Clinic we've always offered, we have now added a 50cc Clinic which is great for newer riders and a Vet Clinic for the 25+ group.
All Clinics are from 9am - 2pm for $180.


After racing professionally in Supercross, Outdoors, and Arena cross for over 10 years, Jeff started MXClinic in 1999. Over the last 20 years he has coached riders of every level, from teaching newer riders the foundation of body position and riding technique to coaching amateurs through the ranks into the pro level. More recently MXClinic has hosted Japan’s Factory Honda Winter Training, leading to 4 MFJ MX2 Pro Championships in the last 5 years.

In 2020, Jeff moved back home to Northern California to fully focus on growing Nor Cal Motocross and is stoked to be hosting more training camps, and working with riders day in and day out to take them to the next level on their  motocross journey.

Jeff Pestana


Send a message to sign up for a class or with questions about training programs.


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